The History of "Alestos Copper Mines".

The History of "Alestos Copper Mines".

Τhe Mine is located in the community Xyliatou, in Nicosia!

The "Alestos Mines" are located in the east of the community of Agios Georgios (Kakalous), while part of it belongs to the Xyliatos Community.

The mountain that hosts the old mine is at the foot of the Brothers and Macheras. It stands out from afar because of its altitude and its rocks, which bloom in the afternoon sun. When one visits the site where the mine operates, they can face iron pyrites, while a small pond has covered the core of the mine.

The "Alestos Mines" operated during the period 1971-1972 and today it remains idle.
The ore was processed at an ore mining plant in Mitsero to produce a copper concentrate using the float method. The final product was exported by shiploading to Karavostasi.

During the 1980s, a small copper metallurgical plant was operated in the mining area by application of the extraction method using a light acidic solution and the precipitation of scrap iron.
The possibility of reopening the "Alestos Mines" is open, as copper, iron and gold dust (Xyliatos Community Council) still exists today.

Copper deposits in Alestos, Skouriotissa and Apliki are the last known economically viable deposits, according to research conducted by Hellenic Cooper Mines (HCM).The company looks at the possibility, besides the Skouriotissa mine, to proceed with the exploitation of the Aletes and Apliki deposits, expanding its work activities for 15 years (Savva & Hatzoudi, 2014).