The Stone Village of Cyprus

Can you guess which village is 36 km southwest from Larnaka district and it is located between Choirokitia and Kalavasos village? I am talking about Tochni of course! 

Tochni is a beautiful picturesque village for Agro-tourism and it has nothing less from the beauty of the villages nearby as it combines tradition with modern era.

Τhe Name of the village: 

According to the residences of the village Tochni got the name from the word “Texni” in English translation (Art) because the old residences of the village used to be specialists in the art of stones, which are plenty in the mountains around the village.  You cannot find these peculiar stones anywhere else in Cyprus and they used them to build their houses and the old church of Saint Constantine and his Holly mother Helen. 

The main church of the village is a traction pole for Cypriots and for people from all over the world. It is a jewel for Tochni and it has been located in the centre of the village since the time that Holly Helen came to the village in the 4th century. When Helen visited the village she built the church at her own expenses and gave many precious presents including a peace from the Holly Cross that Jesus Christ was crucified. The part of the Holly Cross unfortunately was stolen and has never been found since then. The most remarkable part of the church is the unique architecture. It is built above the river in the old bridge!

•    Holly Barbara 
•    Holly Cross (adolescence)   

A walk in the village: 
You will be automatically transferred to another era when you enter the village, the alleys and the stone houses, the wildflowers that grow on their own from the old houses cracks, the nature trail located southeast of the village makes Tochni a place that surely won’t let you down. 
If you are a sports lover or a man of adventure you can rent a bike from the local bicycle group and have fun in the wonderful routes that are known, all over the world since the village is famous for the exceptional beauty and the alternations of the landscapes. You can clearly see the mountains and the ocean pass quickly through your eyes like a card postal. 
These few years a lot of things has changed in the village you can now find a park for the kids with football fields, toys, and you can enjoy your ice cream, coffee, juice or waffle in the canteen of the park.

Looking for a place to have a snack? 
You have nothing to worry in Tochni or in the other villages nearby you can find food for all appetites. You can enjoy fresh fish, seafood and traditional chicken souvlaki pie. In the youth centre located next to the church an old building since 18th century a precious ornament for the villagers you can enjoy traditional souvla, and other gastronomies of Cypriot cuisine. 
In the centre of the village you can find “Nostos” tavern with excellent food or maybe just coffee and traditional Cyprus sweets.
Or maybe a combination of repast with view? Tochni Tavern is the place that you are looking for. 

Should I stay or should I go?
But stay of course! 
Feeling tired? 
You have nothing to worry, many houses of the village are now Agro-touristic offering you a unique experience to live like people in the old era used to live. 
Of course there are modern touches and comforts that will make your stay pleasant. For family with kids for a couple who wishes an escape from ordinary life Tochni is the place for you. 
Starting prices from 25 euros per night and breakfast included.