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www.elanapame.com...Entertainment Guaranteed!

The Lavris Club Benefit Group was founded in 1996 and operates as a group specialised in Excursions, as well as saving money, for their customers, at the same time.

From 1996 to 2016 it operated with members and an annual subscription.

Now with the new website of the Group, www.elanapame.com everyone can enjoy the benefits of the Lavris Club for free without any subscription.

For hotels, entertainment centres, restaurants, beauty salons and generally for anything that can lift your spirits and entertain you, the Lavris Club guarantees to give you the best options!

We can assure you that we know the way Lavris operates and their philosophy and we are certain that they always have the best options at the best prices! We have checked the companies costs several times and compared to the prices offered by the Lavris Club on its website, it does always have the best prices!

In addition to the amazing special offers that Lavris has, its team, the "Action Team" as it is called, organises excellent packages with unique games, adventures and activities that help you to completely escape from the usual routine. The experience is truly unique and we highly recommend it, the moments you will experience will stay with you for a lifetime! Indicatively, we mention this to you: you will go alone but leave with friends!

The new website of the group www.elanapame.com is very easy to use and everyone can now choose and buy the offers they want at any time they want. 

In the years we live in today, with so many obstacles and difficulties, the Lavris Club looks like an oasis in the desert. With so many worries we have daily, we forget and leave behind ourselves, maybe even the people we love while time goes by without us realising it.
Lavris Club offers countless opportunities for excursion, relaxation and above all quality time.

So don't miss this opportunity, go to www.elanapame.com and let's go!

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