Eu Kouzin

Aromas of Greek and Cypriot cuisine in refined and well-cooked recipes

Eu Kouzin specialises in the Mediterranean cuisine and serves dishes every day that will remind you of the traditional village and your grandmother's dishes. It is one of the best choices for Greek Mediterranean cuisine in Larnaka. From meat mezedes, traditional Greek dishes to delicious food, Eu Kouzin does not fall behind in anything, as it has countless options, which offer excellent quality food satisfying every taste.

The friendly atmosphere and the traditional environment of Eu Kouzin, will take you to another era. The white colour in the restaurant area stands out, the minimalist element, the quiet neighbourhood and the beautiful flowers around the tables that create a relaxing setting creates a very nice atmosphere that relaxes you.

The impeccable service and especially the delicious creations, are the elements that make Eu Kouzin stand out. The kitchen is open and on the preparation counter everything is lined up: fruits, vegetables and superior quality raw materials to create unique dishes.

If you love the authentic, Mediterranean flavours, the aromas of Greek and Cypriot cuisine in refined and well-cooked recipes, Eu Kouzin is the restaurant where you will experience a special gastronomic experience.

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Working hours:
Monday - Saturday
11:00 a.m. - 23:00 p.m.