Eu Kouzin

The Ultimate Traditional Experience!


Village double-dough bread with sourdough cooked on coal and dipped with love in olive oil, or the delicious eggplants with the feta cheese and the caramelised onion in the imam...

The fresh sea bass is slow-roasted on coal and served on your plate in front of you with an accompanying mash of fresh Cypriot potato, with the butter melting on top right in front of your eyes...
Pork tenderloin, chicken and Kokoretsi and they dance the sexiest dance you've ever seen!

Stuffed lentils, chickpeas, chicken with orange & basmati rice, stuffed calamari, pasticcio, moussaka, lamb fricassee and an endless list of comfort foods unfold before you..and believe us, they are all just like your mom's.

Not many words are needed about Eu Kouzin, now we all know it, we've all visited it, we've all tried it and we've all become patrons.

"Sad" does not exist in this particular restaurant, since the prices are far below the sensational dining experience you have had.

Congratulations to Antonis Kotsis & his staff.
A big thumbs up for fresh produce, good prices, countless menu options and a 10/10 rating because he pleases his guests and doesn't say no to them, he cooks whatever they want!

So many congratulations, many Bravos and a big round of applause to Eu Kouzin!

If you love authentic, Mediterranean flavours, the aromas of Greek and Cypriot cuisine, Eu Kouzin is the restaurant where you will experience a special culinary experience.

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Takeaway & Delivery services available!

Working hours:
Monday - Saturday
11:00 am - 11:00 p.m