A paradise of taste that has become a hot spot authentic moments

A paradise of taste that has become a hot spot authentic moments

The perfect spot for food lovers in Larnaka

In one of the most beautiful and picturesque locations of Larnaka, you will discover a great place for really delicious, traditional, Cypriot and Greek food.

Passion and love for good food, as well as a lifelong dream, led Antonis Kotsis to open his own restaurant in the heart of Larnaka, "Eu Kouzin".

It's name comes from the Greek words «Ευ Ζην» meaning «Ευδαιμονία» which translates to Bliss, denoting the human feelings of happiness, well-being and fulfilment. This also reflects Antonis' vision, which is to make delicious "home-made" food that will bring happiness and satisfaction to whoever tries them.

You will fall in love with Eu Kouzin from the first taste and will enjoy Cypriot and Greek cuisine with a twist. All the dishes are made fresh daily, with the best ingredients!

Must try

It is worth trying the Souvlakia, Souvla, Politiko Kebab stuffed with Philadelphia cheese, marinated boneless chicken leg that melts in the mouth and juicy pork pancetta.

Moussaka is also an excellent choice, as are legumes that just smell of tradition.

We suggest you also try one of the dishes of the day.

Whatever you choose to try, you will definitely have a happy surprise of exploding delicious flavours in your mouth. 

If you want to enjoy its delicious food at home or at work, Eu Kouzin takes orders for delivery and takeaway.

Eu Kouzin, which has created, for years, its own special history in the field of catering and entertainment, has won the love of the people.

It has become the jewel of Larnaka, as its fame has reached not only the entire city of Zenon, but also the entire island. After all, big names such as Giannis Ploutarchos, Kostis Maravegias, Eleonora Zouganelis, Natasa Bofiliou, Giorgos Tsalikis, Christos Dantes and many more have visited it.

Undoubtedly, Eu Kouzin with its warm atmosphere and incredibly delicious food, has become the hot spot for food lovers!

(70003336) Ekali Court, Kimonos 3, Larnaka 6015
Facebook: Eu Kouzin Larnaca
Instagram: @eukouzin