Makkas Winery

From the vineyard to your table!

With passion and love for their land and their fruit, their staff work daily, tending to every detail of the production of wine. From the instant of cultivation, until the final bottling, each stage of the process is monitored in detail. By respecting traditions they have developed quality wine. All measures are taken to ensure the highest standards of quality starting from the vineyards until the wine actually reaches the consumer. A key aspect for assuring quality is their ability of selecting the best grapes required for making exceptional wine.

Choose from a great variety of wine from Makkas Syrah, Makkas Merlot, Makkas Chardonnay, Makkas Maratheftiko, Makkas Xynisteri, Makkas Red, Makkas White, Makkas Rosé.

A great opportunity to visit with friends or family to sample the true flavour of Cypriot wine in the making.

International Awards 
Makkas - A New Award-Winning Winery