Pastirmatzidiko Deli Sary Cava

The new deli point of the city, is waiting for you to get to know it!

With a soul deep from the depths of Cappadocia and the collective memory of the taste etched on the authentic delicatessens and appetisers, Pastirmatzidiko Deli Sary Cava came to Limassol with an oriental air.

The city's new deli point, which has already won the public's trust in its short period of operation, offers you an all-day experience full of flavours and aromas that remain indelibly in your memory and taste radar and that invite you to return again and again to the same place.

Using Pastirma and the authentic Sary cold meats from Karamanlidika, the Pastirmadzidiko team will take you on a journey through Asia Minor Greek gastronomy and the cuisines of the East that we love. 

Try the authentic Karamanlidika pastourmades from Camel, Beef or Sheep with a deep flavour and aftertaste. Pastourmas has a Greek history, since it was created and perfected by the Cappadocian, Greeks from Cappadocia who, when they came to Greece, carried the passion and art of sausage making in their luggage.

In their warm and homely space that smells of...tradition, you will find a huge variety of products, while some of the ones that stand out are the Karamanlidika Souzoukia, such as Souzouki Gkyolzouk, Parmak Kebab, spicy Adana Barout and the special Petalo "Paras" flavoured with cumin & natural herbs that will highlight your homemade appetisers. If you still want to enjoy the mezes freshly cooked from the kitchen of Pastirmadzidiko with a tasty menu curated by the excellent chef, Stella Spanou, the store awaits you from morning to night!

Start your day with a rich brunch choosing between 6 delicious dishes that will whet your appetite such as the Karamanlidika breakfast with pastourma and politiko souzouki or the Cappadocia breakfast for vegetarians. If you still want to share this culinary experience with your friends, you can choose from amongst the excellent dishes such as the homemade Karamalidika pastourma pies, the delicious spetsofai, the juicy beef Kavurma and the delicious souzoukas.

Pastirmadzidiko has a rich cellar with many spirits and varieties of ouzo that will pleasantly accompany your food and of course your conversation. Create unforgettable moments in a space made to share tastes and experiences.

In a place where the West meets the East, where the taste delights and the heart rejoices, in that place it is worth meeting friends and loved ones to share love, sprinkled with oriental spices.

This is Pastirmadzidiko and it is sure to win over even the most demanding connoisseur.

Pastirmatzidiko Deli Sary Cava
70 Saripolou Street, Limassol