The Curry House

Authentic Indian Tandoori Restaurant

The Curry House is an Authentic Indian Tandoori Restaurant that offers real, home cooked dishes from India.  All dishes are cooked by their four Authentic Indian Chefs and their aim is to prepare dishes exactly how they cook them at home.

Every plate at the Curry House uses only the most authentic and fresh ingredients, prepared daily and cooked perfectly to give you that elusive, cuisine-defining balance of sweet, salty, and sour — even the dessert.
Once you order, your dish is cooked right there-and-then, it is not pre-cooked.

The Curry House is a family run restaurant. Cooking is an art form that The Curry House is totally dedicated to. They thrive to provide the original Indian cuisine prepared and presented by finest and dynamic chefs trained to the highest standard and with an extensive experience of cooking Indian food in India and around the world. They are a business, but that is not how they wish to measure their success. Their goal is to win your heart and put a smile on your face from your experience with them, offering unmatched quality of food and hospitality so that you visit them again and again.

Every month The Curry House has an INDIAN FOOD FESTIVAL where you can go and enjoy a buffet of beautiful, Authentic Indian dishes.The dishes are different every time and cooked by their very own Indian Chefs.

Whether you are a tourist or a regular resident of Pafos, be sure that you will find your visit to The Curry House restaurant one of the best dining experience you will ever have.