Trahanas soup(Crushed Wheat soup)

Trahanas soup(Crushed Wheat soup)

Cyprus National soup!

Trahanas soup(Crushed Wheat soup)...Soups are one of the healthiest, low cost and tastiest foods which can be prepared for all the family. We may serve Trahanas soup with pieces of halloumi cheese fried in olive oil or bread, and also boiled chicken pieces for a complete satisfying meal.

Prep time

Cook time

Total time

Difficulty Degree


10-15 minutes

30-40 minutes

45 minutes



In the process for making Trahanas  goat milk is been used - which is left to turn sour or yoghurt, and is mixed with crushed wheat and it is put to boil until forms a thick mixture. After is allowed to cool and set,  it is shaped and leaven to dry completely  in the sun.

The above photos are taken from ''Katsoura Traditional products''.

You will need:

  • 300 gr.Trahanas
  • 2 ltr. Stock(vegetable or chicken)
  • 1 halloumi cut in cubes(optional)
  • salt and pepper


1.Place Trahanas in a casserole, cover  with water and let it soak overnight or 2-3 hours before cooking.
2.Add in a casserole the stock with Trahanas and bring to a boil stirring constantly.

3.Reduce the heat and simmer until cooked (35-40 minutes). If the soup is too thick you may add more water.
4. When the soup is ready we serve as it is or we may pass from a blender for a creamy texture.

Kali Oreksi! Bon Appetit!

Tip of the Chef

We may add pieces of fried halloumi cheese and serve with boiled chicken pieces, or wholemeal rusks(croutons) in pieces.



Tip of the Nutritionist

Trahanas is a food with high nutritional value, which contains protein, carbohydrates, magnesium and folic acid. The amount of milk in the recipe increase the presence of protein and calcium which makes it suitable and very nutritious meal for children.

100 gr.raw Trahanas nutritional values:

  • Calories: 398
  • Carbohydrates: 58,2 gr
  • Fat: 12 gr
  • Protein: 16,3 gr