Traditional English pub

Traditional English pub

Tycoon...A place to have a pint in peace

Located in a 3 minutes’ walk from the tourist area of germasogia, Tycoon pub offers a relaxing place to have a drink anytime during the day and night. For me personally, it is the best place to start off my night at. I have been visiting Tycoon bar for over a year now and have many great memories - all happened there!

Tycoon Bar is a traditional English pub that has been operating for more than 25 years now. Many of its current customers go back a long way with it. With a great variety of drinks from different brands you can have the drink of your choice and also a great food menu during the day - everything at low prices. Additionally every holiday and celebration there is barbecue and a theme depending on the occasion. Furthermore Ι really enjoy a game of pool or darts especially when we make it as a small tournament.

But what makes Tycoon English pub that good, if you ask me, I would say that is the people. Everyone there is just like a big family!


19 ambelakion street, potamos Limassol, 4046 Limassol, Cyprus

Phone: +357 25 326757