Walking to a popular summer destination

Walking to a popular summer destination

Famagusta Province

We started from Larnaka towards a municipality of Cyprus, a favourite holiday destination for both locals and foreign visitors.

Every year thousands of visitors have as their destination Ayia Napa making it perhaps the most popular municipality of Cyprus.

It is no coincidence that you find yourself in the world's top destinations in travel agencies around the world, since it offers generously the beauties of nature, carefree, rest, endless hours on the golden beaches, the beaches, and lively nightlife.

Ayia Napa belongs to the Famagusta province and is one of the 8 municipalities of Famagusta province.

Ayia Napa means Holy Forest and took its name from an icon of the Virgin Mary of Napi, that is, the saint of the Forest.

This name was given to the area in 1366 while the monastery of Ayia Napa was built in the 15th century.

Liopetri River
Our first stop was at Liopetri river, it is a rare geographical phenomenon for our Cyprus since we had never seen such a phenomenon anywhere else a lake ending in the sea, colourful boats playing in the waves, wooden docks and a small sandy beach with fine golden sand compose a scenery of unparalleled beauty.

Do not consider it an exaggeration if I tell you that he has nothing to envy from fishing villages of exotic destinations.

Saint Georgios Liopetri
A small chapel of the 16th century located on the edge of the river makes the landscape even more beautiful.

It is dedicated to Saint George and probably there was an ancient settlement in the area according to the findings in the church yard. It is simple and simple as a single-aisled vaulted building, with a semicircular arch inside and outside.

It is said to have been built by workers of the quarries and the chimneys that existed in the area.

Church Of Saint Thekla
We continue your journey to the municipality of Sotira and the famous and photographed Church of Saint Thekla.

It was our first time visiting this small chapel and we were speechless by the beauty of the landscape.. the rays of the sun played with the azure of the sea, and the silhouettes of the boats sailing in the distance made our minds lose themselves for a moment in the dreamy landscape.

In the same area as the chapel, an underground carved temple has been found, which was probably an ancient tomb, which later in the Byzantine period was converted into a temple dedicated to Saint Thekla.

Remains of a royal-style church have also been discovered at the site.

The colours that dominate the church are blue and blue reminiscent of islands of the Aegean and it is perfectly harmonised with the scenery of the sea that you spread from behind.

At the feast of Saint Thekla on September 24, a great feast is held and many believers come to worship her grace.

Makronissos Beach
We head west and to the famous coast of Makronissos which is one of the most famous beaches for locals and foreigners and extends over 230 meters.

Its waters are clear and turquoise while the sand is golden.

On this beach one can also come in contact with history since there is at the South Point the archaeological site of Makronissos Necropolis.

Makronissos Necropolis
The necropolis of Makronissos which is a remnant of the Hellenistic and Roman period testifies to the existence in the area of an ancient settlement.

In the rocky area, after archaeological excavations, tombs carved in Rock have been found. The area in which the tombs were found bears the name Makronissos.

It is believed that this area, in ancient times, was an islet, flying from above we noticed that the islet looks like a fish tail making us admire once again the magnificence of nature.

Love bridge / Bridge of lovers
Do you want to declare your love and lover? Do you want to propose to your other half? Do you just want to admire the sunset scenery? We found you the perfect destination in Ayia Napa. The bridge of lovers!

The arch of korakas, as the locals call it, is a natural arch of 20 meters that rises in the middle and is located between Cape Greco and the chapel of Agioi Anargyroi.

If you look to the left you will see a cave that is accessible by small boats. Here come locals for fishing, and lovers of the sea for diving.

The bridge is also known both for lovers of photography and for photographers who use it for photos of the newlyweds.

Sea Caves
It seems that our last destination in Ayia Napa provided us with the best scenery since the riot of colours combined with the rare geological phenomenon is a masterpiece of nature.

The caves are carved on a towering rock that creates a semicircular and well-shaped bay that over the years the waves that burst on the rocks form geometric shapes on the rocks and give a rough texture to the rocks.

The caves are home to many rare birds and eagles that fly proudly over the Mediterranean Sea.

Visit the landscape and indulge in the tranquillity and serenity that the landscape offers generously.

See also the video and photos from our excursion: