48 hours in the village of Kalopanayiotis

48 hours in the village of Kalopanayiotis

Get-aways in Cyprus

Are you frustrated by the city noise and looking for a reason to get away for a weekend in the countryside? Kalopanayiotis, the small village located in the green valley of the Setrachos River on the slopes of Troodos, will offer you the relaxation and tranquility you are looking for.


11:00 AM

Check in at the Casale Panayiotis Hotel. Ideal for those who want to enjoy relaxation combined with luxury. Each room is scattered in the village and each has its own decoration and character. Choose one of the luxurious rooms or suites: Loutraki, Pantheon, Agia Marina and Byzantine. (80 Markou Drakou Kalopanayiotis, tel: 22 952444, www.casalepanayiotis.com)

Hani Crysomilou. A place which formerly hosted the Chani of Chrysomilou today it hosts a traditional guest house in the center of the village. It has two large bedrooms, a spacious living room, a communal kitchen and a large terrace with beautiful views. In the area you can also find a gym with a Jacuzzi. (4 Frokalatou, Kalopanayiotis, tel: 99530540, www.chrysomilou.com)

12:00 AM
Excursion to the Holy Monastery of St. John Lampadistis. The monastery of St John (Ioannis) Lambadistis is located at the Troodos mountain range, in the valley of Marathasa and is built right opposite the village of Kalopanayiotis. It is unknown when the Monastery was founded. However, according to sources, the monastery operated until the 19th century and since then it has been operating only as a temple. In 1985, it was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
For more information about the monastery click here.
One hundred meters south of the monastery of Agios Ioannis Lampadistis, a Venetian bridge is located that joins the banks of the river of Setrachos and the Stomachicos Fount. If you are daring enough to try some water at the source, do not be surprised if it has a strange taste as the water in the source consists of sulphide. They used to say that the water had beneficial properties if it is consumed in small amounts.

2:00 PM

Lunch at the ‘Old Cinema’ Restaurant. One of the most well-known restaurants in Kalopanayiotis for its traditional dishes and especially for the oven – made pasta (makaronia tou fournou) that everyone described as unimaginable. Do not miss trying the handmade cold-cuts such as sausages, pastourmas, lountza as well as the wine bacon and the tsamarella. (40 Markou Drakou, Kalopanayiotis, tel: 99 130275, facebook: The Old Cinema)

5:00 PM

Enjoy the famous loukoumades of the neighboring village of Moutoulas, just a 4 minutes drive from Kalopanayiotis. You can find Patrou's loukoumades, as they are called, at Cafe Kyriakides on the main road of the village overlooking the village. (Eleftherias 45, Moutoullas, tel: 97689728, www.cafe-kyriakides.com)

9:00 PM

Time for some rest and then wine at the coffee shop called ‘KafeOinos’ (Wine) with its large traditional fireplace in the middle of the shop. The wine can be combined with a platter of local cold-cuts and cheeses with only 3 extra euros per person. For those who will not choose alcohol, the coffee shop serves lemonade with rose petals, lemonade with lavender, cinnamon, strawberry and grape. (110 Markou Drakou, 99 78933, facebook: kafeoinos)


11:00 AM
Discover the beauties of the village. Hover through the narrow streets. Feel the cool breeze as you enjoy the traditional houses with the unique architecture of the place.
Tip: To avoid the big hills, go through the village with the glass elevator overlooking the forest and the slopes of Troodos. (There is a small fee)

12:00 PM

If you are a spa fan, the Casale hotel offers luxurious spaces to suit all your needs. Relax in the indoor pool overlooking the forest, enjoy a chocolate treatment or choose a relaxing massage. (80 Markou Drakou Kalopanayiotis, tel: 22 952444, www.casalepanayiotis.com)

Alternatively, you can visit the museum and the house of Lavrentios in Kalopanayiotis. The house where the nationalist Lavrentios was born in 1750 is located a few meters from the large bridge connecting the Monastery of Agios Ioannis the Lampadistis with the old village centre just across the Monastery. In one of the rooms on the ground floor of the Lavrentian house, the Lavrentian Museum was housed. In an original way, through pictures and texts, it portrays the life of the national martyr of Kyrineia Lavrentios.

2:00 PM

Lunch at the ‘Byzantine’ restaurant. With view of the green mountain, we recommend the salad with goat cheese, dried figs, roasted almonds, fresh herbs and carob syrup. After the meal, take a stroll through the hotel's library and wine cellar next to the restaurant. (80 Markou Drakou Kalopanayiotis, tel: 22 952444, www.casalepanayiotis.com)

4:00 PM

You can then have your coffee on the terrace of ‘Pantheon’ café at the top road of Kalopanayiotis. Enjoy tranquil moments in nature before heading back to the city. Choose the Vanilla-Cinnamon flavored ice cream or some of the sweets at the shop. (80 Markou Drakou, Kalopanayiotis, tel: 22 952444, www.casalepanayiotis.com)

6:00 PM

Shopping therapy. Just before you leave, do not forget to visit the local shop called ‘Pramatoukkia, Little Treasures’ with their best seller fig-tree jam. It also has a variety of herbs, spices, nuts, dried fruit and many other traditional products from Cypriot producers, in unique packages. (80 Markou Drakou Kalopanayiotis, tel: 22 952444, facebook: Pramatoutkia, Little Treasures)