10 things that are better to do at night than in the morning

10 things that are better to do at night than in the morning

Tips for a more healthy life!

There are things that most people do in the morning but it is better for our health to do them at night and this offers us a good morning.

These things are as follows:

1. Eat meat or cottage cheese and not vegetables

To sleep well, we need to eat a few hours before bedtime, and meat or cottage cheese contains a lot of proteins that help with sleep, and vegetables will not help because they will bloat you.

2. Walking

A night walk will help to soothe and eliminate all the worries of the day by thinking about them while enjoying a quiet walk, especially if you are walking in places with nature around you.  Night walks help with health and insomnia.

3. Aerate the room

Let the windows open at least for a while to refresh the room and to get fresh air.

4. Prepare the clothes for tomorrow

When you prepare your clothes the night before, you will save time, stress and nerves until you find the right clothes to wear and you will have time for some relaxation or more sleep.

5. Take a warm shower

A warm shower does not help in the morning because the warm water relaxes and increases or causes sleepiness, so if you do it at night it will help you with sleep, it helps with insomnia.

6. Read a book

Scientists from the University of Sussex have shown that reading is the best way to relax because you enter in a different world, they help you even better than tea and music. You only need to spend 6 minutes with a book to reduce stress and relax your muscles.

7. Eat a kiwi

Several studies show that if you eat two kiwi's an hour before going to bed for a month, you will sleep faster and better. Vitamins E and C regulate the neural connections in the brain that is responsible for a good sleep.

8. Drink cherry juice

New research from the University of Louisiana found that if you drink two glasses of cherry juice before going to bed, it will help you with sleep duration, you will sleep almost 90 minutes longer at night.

9. Brush your hair

Brushing your hair before sleep cleanses dead cells, dust and oily skin, while a light massage with a gentle brush helps to transfer oxygen and rich nutrients to the roots. Other than that it is much better than brushing them in the morning in a hurry.

10. Extra-tip: The trick with the pencil

If you snore while sleeping, the tip with the pencil will strengthen the muscles of the palate (because it is weak if you snore). During your free time, place a pencil between your teeth and hold it for 5-10 minutes. This trick can also help you with a headache.

So these are the tips to have a more healthy life!

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