13 ways to keep bacteria and viruses out of your house

13 ways to keep bacteria and viruses out of your house

Especially if someone is sick

Take some steps to avoid bacteria and especially if you are sick or have a sick person at home

1. Make hand washing a habit

2. Put a hand sanitiser next to the front door

This will limit the entry of bacteria inside the house.

3. Clean the things you touch often

4. Disinfect the places where you place the food

5. Don't share your towel

Use the same towel throughout your illness and wash it once you get well.

6. Do not share your bed

You're more likely to transfer it to the one you sleep with and vice versa.

7. Keep public areas clean

8. Wash the cleaning products

9. Keep the sick one in "quarantine"

The sick person should stay in the bedroom or in one area of ​​the house to limit the spread of bacteria to other rooms. Prefer the bedroom because the bed mattress can be easily cleaned. Instead, the flu virus will survive for two or three days on a couch.

10. Change the sheets

Do it when you get well.

11. Don't share your phone

Make sure you disinfect it often whether you are ill or not.

12. It was cleaning at the right time

Clean up when you're good.

13. Wear gloves

When disinfecting wear gloves, keep your hands away from your face and then wash your hands.

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