The 3rd Shepherd's Fair of Pachna

The 3rd Shepherd's Fair of Pachna

Getting in touch with tradition and nature

The village is famous for its dairy products, its grapes, its wine, its traditional Zivania and its good food in nice traditional taverns. The people are very hospitable.

This is a wonderful event, run every year by the village. It always attracts hundreds of visitors who come to see the village’s traditional production of high-quality dairy products and the village’s traditional customs.  

The festival took place on the 26/06/2016. Visitors could see:

-A demonstration of the shearing and milking of sheep and goats
-The Preparation of traditional dairy products  
-A documentary on the shepherd’s life
-An exhibition of local animal breeds
-A tour of the village by miniature train
-A promotional bazaar with local traditional dairy products
-An exhibition of stock raising tools and other items
-A demonstration of traditional trades
-Folk music and dance programme by the Cultural and Spiritual association "St.Stephanos" and Association of Culture "Aradippos" (music and dance program)

The churches of the village were open to visitors throughout.