4th Cyprus protest for all animals

4th Cyprus protest for all animals

A protest for all the other creatures of this planet

Unfortunately we are often faced with violence against animals sometimes as direct witnesses or from what we come across on Social Media. This act, I'm quite sure you agree with me, is inhumane to say the least and animals do not deserve in any way this kind of mistreatment. They live on this planet with us whether they are our pets or they provide us with food. So they ensure us a balance in our lives. This however does not mean in any way that we have the right to mistreat and exercise violence to them.

The animal abuse takes many forms. It's not only violence (poisoning, mutilation, captivity, etc.), but there is also passive abuse, like bad living conditions (lack of accommodation, standing shackle, improper diet, lack of care, etc.). Furthermore, abuse is when you use an animal for financial interest (racetracks, dog races, cockfights, bullfights, circus etc.).

There are some days of the year which are dedicated  for the animals. The first is in 4th of October: The World Animal Day. This particular day was selected because in the same day St. Francis of Assisi celebrates (Katholic Church), who is the patron saint of animals and the environment. The second is celebrated from 18 until April 24 where is the Global Week Abolition of Experiments on Animals.

If you would like to fight for the rights of animals, on Sunday, March the 26th 2017, will be a protest for ALL animals held in the Faneromeni Square in Nicosia from 16:00 - 20:00. You can take a stand for animal rights since they themselves can't. You will protest for the exploitation they face and so they can have a better life in this world. There will be speeches and the protest will start from Faneromeni to Ledra and Onasagorou and then back to Faneromeni.

They are waiting for your support from all the animal-lovers!