6 mild symptoms of Coronavirus

6 mild symptoms of Coronavirus

The insidious indications that appear to the patient

The 2nd wave of outbreaks of positive cases of coronavirus is now active on our island. Cases are increasing. There are people who are seriously ill and some others to a weaker degree. 
In addition to these recurrent symptoms there are other milder ones, and indications suggest that some individuals carry this disease. In other words, there are some indications where if one notices them one may be sick with Covid-19 and not know it.
That is, this person does not develop a fever, cough and sore throat.
According to expert studies, there are 6 indications that show us that we may have been sick with a coronavirus:
Aosmia and loss of taste
The British Association of Otolaryngology ruled that loss of smell and taste may indicate an infestation by Covid-19. This phenomenon was observed as they discovered that the virus attacks cells located in the cavities of the nose and throat.
Physical fatigue
As in a common cold, in the case of coronavirus, the patient feels physical fatigue and exhaustion. This is also directly related to one's difficulty sleeping at night as the virus makes it difficult for the respiratory system to function, causing deafness to occur faster.


  • Mental fatigue

Although not a scientifically official symptom of the disease, mental fatigue according to testimonies of people who became ill indicate that they were unable to concentrate. According to the Daily Mail this exhaustion is likened to brain fog syndrome.

  • Loss of appetite

In both the common flu and the coronavirus, loss of appetite is another sign that we should be alarmed. In some people this feeling is limited while in others the loss of appetite reached a point where they did not want to eat the slightest.


  • Stomach pain

Many consider the stomach ache to be the product of a gastrointestinal abnormality. However, a US medical investigation found that Covid-19 is also linked to the stomach. Also, a joint finding by Chinese doctors in China's Hubei Province (the place where SARS-Cov-2 first appeared) observed that of 204 patients examined at least half of them had gastrointestinal disorders and diarrhoea.

  • Irritation - sensitivity to the eyes

This sensitivity is caused if someone is exposed to smoke, dust or is allergy to animal hair or plant flowers. If someone is infected with coronavirus, however, they may experience the same symptoms, i.e. itching and burning in the eyes without pre-existing the above factors. This may be another indication that someone is bringing the virus.

If any of us have one of these above symptoms it is a good thing to immediately inform our personal physician and proceed with the PCR examination. At least in this way he will be sure of his condition and in case the virus is detected in his body at least he will be able to protect both himself and those around him.

Because it's all about our health.