7 daily things that you have been doing wrong your whole life

7 daily things that you have been doing wrong your whole life

Things that affect your health!

Every day we do things that we think we are doing right, or that it does not matter how we do them, but studies have shown that doing them wrong can affect our health.

The 7 daily things are the following:

1. Snooze on the alarm

Each time you refuse to wake up immediately, a new cycle of sleep begins and this prevents your body from relaxing. Trying to get some sleep by postponing the alarm instead makes you feel sleepy and tired for the rest of the day. To help the body stay active you need to get up with the first alarm clock.

2. The amount of toothpaste

A small drop of toothpaste is enough to get the job done.


3. The way you hang the toilet paper

The classic question that we thought it just had to do with how it fits into each one eventually has the right and wrong way and is like the picture below. Scientists from the University of Colorado explain that with this method you will only touch the toilet paper you use each time.

4. Coffee in the morning

The effect of caffeine is more pronounced when we drink coffee two or three hours after we wake up because our bodies will require more and more caffeine to wake up while the time passes. Scientists recommend drinking coffee after 9:30 in the morning or three hours after waking up after cortisol levels fall.

5. Drying your hands with air

The air you use to dry your hands is the air of the room! Studies show that the amount of bacteria in your hands increases when you dry them with air. It is safer to use napkins.

6. How you use the patch

Cut along the patch and cross both ends of it over your finger, one by one following the steps in the photo. Now you can do whatever you want without having to be too careful!

7. The way you dry dishes

If you put the dishes upside down to dry, they are likely to get a moldy smell. You can place all the items on their regular side or wipe them with a kitchen towel.

With the right ways you will be cleaner and mostly more healthy!

Photos from: https://www.infowoman.gr/