Active citizen

Active citizen

Are you?

The term "active citizen" usually refers to the assertion of his rights in the public space and his active participation in political and social opinion-forming or decision-making structures, such as self-government bodies, parties, trade union bodies, various associations, but also informal collectives (of a social, political or cultural nature), scientific associations, etc.

The active citizen is the responsible citizen, who is informed, an autonomous personality with critical thinking and a creative disposition who knows his rights and obligations, expresses his opinion and actively participates in social events.

It also consistently exercises its democratic rights and corresponding obligations, demonstrates self-respect and mutual respect, accepts diversity, respects human rights, works against all forms of stereotypes, cooperates for the common good, the coexistence of people and peoples without feelings prejudice and intolerance. It informs the public, searches for information, filters the news, participates in the public debate in traditional modern ways, forms critical thinking and takes a position. He observes what is happening in society and intervenes, in collaboration with fellow citizens, local authorities, organized groups, when he finds illegalities or when he identifies a problem.

The active citizen is the one who is responsible towards himself, takes care of his health, well-being, personal well-being and development. He is interested in the protection of the natural environment, does not pollute, adopts practices that enhance greenness, energy saving, takes care of water consumption, recycles, travels by public transport or by bicycle. He asserts his rights in the public space, pursues public expression and the creation of infrastructure in his neighborhood and in his country, the preservation of open spaces and greenery in public spaces, as well as cultural heritage.

It is the duty of every citizen to be 'active' because this is the only way society can change and evolve.