All by Hand - 8th Handmade Exhibition

All by Hand - 8th Handmade Exhibition

Beautiful and very original pieces!

Purchase unique and handmade items directly from creative people.

A fun, colourful and bohemian collection to brighten up your wardrobe and your body by the 'All by Hand - 7th Handmade exhibition' that will take place on Sunday 13/11/2016 from 10:00am and ends at 20:30pm at the CURIUM PALACE HOTEL LIMASSOL (opposite  the Limassol Archaeological Museum)

All kind of handicrafts handmade jewellery, decoupage, vegan soaps handmade creations with corals and shells, biological products, knitted handmade creations, stained glass and many more.

For more information and bookings call NIKOLAS to 99656572 or MARIA to 99331097