Cyprus from Google earth

Cyprus from Google earth

Pictures from satellite

1. Prints of wheels.
Limassol Salt Lake Rack, traces of maneuver cars.

2. Strange shapes.
Limassol Salt Lake. Pink shades are shown in white surface.

3. Amiantos Mine.
Limassol. The iridescent blue of the lake.

4. Beneath the sea surface.
Amathus, ancient port.

5. British bases.
Limassol. Structures like round alien shapes.

6. Symmetrical rectangulars.
Akrotiri Limassol fields in natural colors.

7. The snail.
Nikokleia village, Nicosia. Visual illusion of a funny face.

8. Heart.
Ayioi Trimithias, Nicosia. Geological playfulness.

9. The Star.
The Nicosia walls from above.

10. A small utopia.
Statos - Agios Photios. The symmetrical village.

11. Painting watercolor.
Pachna village. Vineyard in water-soluble form.

12. Abstract geometric art.
Menoiko village, Nicosia. Another painting of Cyprus nature.

13. Auxiliary runway.
Paphos Airport. Natural and artificial symmetry.

14. Object.
Nicosia, Lagoudera. The reflection of the sun makes a house look like an alien object.

Images from Google Earth