"Anthestiria Festival 2017"

"Anthestiria Festival 2017"

The celebration of Spring and Flowers!

The Anthestiria is the annual celebration of spring and flowers and is considered the celebration of souls and plants. The Antheridia’s world means “flowers”.

In Cyprus the festival of “Anthestiria” is celebrated in May, the month of flowers and the regeneration of nature and man.

“Anthestiria” is organized in many cities and villages of Cyprus and includes exhibitions and purchases of flowers and plants. The highlight of the events is the parade of decorated flower tanks.

In Limassol the festival for the “Anthestiria”, will be held on the Weekend of 13-14/5/17. According to the parking lot of Gersmasogeia river will be followed by a large marked and exhibition of plants and flowers and demonstrations of traditional professions. The Parade of flower will be held on Sunday 14/5 on coastal road. Everybody who interesting can participate in the event.

In Pafos, the European Capital of Culture, the grand parade will be held on Sunday 7/5/17, on October 28th square at 17:00 in the afternoon. The event is organized by the Municipality of Pafos and Pafos Naturalistic spiritual group.

Finally, in Larnaka the “Anthestiria” will be held on Sunday 14/5/17 at 18:00 in the afternoon, at the Beach front at Athens street (Foinikoudes). The Larnaka will have the opportunity to enjoy the flowering chariots and various dance shows that will be presented by various dance groups.