We enjoyed great food in a place reminiscent of a Greek island

We enjoyed great food in a place reminiscent of a Greek island

A tavern that has culture, great hospitality and quality!

We visited a cosy, wonderful tavern in Ayia Napa that reminds us of a beautiful landscape found on a Greek island. This is a tavern that keeps quality high even with its last dish of the day. 

The decor is fantastic, with traditional Greek colours, white, blue and natural stone.

It is located on the main street of Ayia Napa, opposite the Sunwing Hotel on Nissi Avenue.

From the entrance of Mangas Restaurant - Tavern the wonderful aromas of the food excite you to taste a delicious meal!

The menu consists mainly of Greek and Cypriot cuisine and varies according to taste, with fresh salads, Cypriot meze, tasty pastas, juicy meat and fresh fish.

Must try!

If you are a meat lover, it is worth trying their Meat Meze and Souvlaki.

If you are a seafood type, we recommend the sea bass, the amazing octopus and the soft fresh squid.

An excellent choice for traditional Cypriot cuisine are the koupepia (stuffed vine leaves) as well as the kleftiko.

Their rich and delicious platters are also worth trying.

The truth is that we also wanted to try the pasta and especially the seafood pasta. We will definitely try it on our next visit.


  • There is a huge soft-carpeted terrace just for children, equipped with an inflatable trampoline and a children's play complex.
  • Free parking is available next to the tavern.

So the time has come for you to do your own test and we will be happy if you share your experience with us. The tavern is open all year around and it is waiting for you.

(23722976) 80 Nisi Avenue, Ayia Napa
Facebook : Mangas Restaurant