Are Protaras Restaurants Expensive?

Are Protaras Restaurants Expensive?

8 restaurants in the Protaras area where you can dine out for 12 euros or less

“Don’t you find Protaras expensive?” someone asked me.

“No,” was my reply. “What are you comparing it with? Tourist resorts in the UK such as Brighton? The French Riviera? North Sea towns in Holland or Belgium? The Greek Islands? My experience is that, like for like, Protaras is less expensive than any of these except possibly than some places in Greece.

I recently wrote about the restaurants that I consider to be amongst the finest in the area. In those restaurants the most expensive dish I came across was probably the Rack of Lamb at the Cultura del Gusto at 22 euros (if I remember correctly). For its quality, I do not consider that that was expensive relative to other locations in Europe.

However, in today’s article I am going to tell you about 8 restaurants in the Protaras area where you can dine out for 12 euros or less. I am not talking about some equivalent of a greasy spoon transport café, but restaurants with a pleasing ambience where you can relax with your partner or friends.

Let’s start off with Protaras itself. Perched high, overlooking the main street, we find the Traditional Cyprus Tavern above Coffee Island next to the Pizza Hut. A year or two ago, it used to have fixed three course meals for around €8.00. These have stopped but there are still some pretty good prices. You can get Pasticcio, Moussaka or Keftedes for €9.50. There are also a number of dishes like Afelia priced at €9.95. A 63cl Leon beer costs €2.50.

Cyprus Traditional Tavern - Protaras

If you prefer to eat directly by the sea, the Zafeiros is well worth a visit. Easy to reach on foot with a long walk from Blue Spice along the coastal walkway, it is a little more tricky by car. You turn left after Mojitos and drive straight on till signs show you where to turn left. You will find Kalamari rings for €10, Pork chop, Pork kebab or Seftalies for €9.50. As well as providing well-priced beer, Zafeiros is known for its panoply of cocktails -also very competitively priced.

Zafeiros - Pernera

In Ayia Napa, tucked away a little off the main Nissi Avenue is Sacramento almost opposite Sunwing Hotel. Friends had invited me to join them there one day last winter. It was one of those cold, wet evenings we sometimes get in winter. “What’s this place almost right out of town that they have chosen?” I was asking myself as I approached. The restaurant next door was empty. When I opened the door, I was really surprised. This one was packed. I looked at the menu. There were a number of three-course set menus for around €8.00. In the summer things are a bit different, but still with some exceptional offerings such as Moussaka or Lasagna for €6.50 and beer at only €2 a pint. Various dishes are offered between €7.95 and €8.50 with free soup, free salad and free Irish Coffee.

Sacramento Ayia Napa

On the main Protaras road, there is a restaurant that shall be “Nameless”. That is its name. Quite a clever marketing ploy because everyone remembers it. It has recently been renovated and opened up to have a much more roomy feel than formerly. They offer eleven house specials including pork fillet with a Dianne sauce, all priced at 9.95 euros. Chicken Mexican is another. The specials are all served with chips or baked potato, rice and salad. There are some cheaper menu choices such as pork chop for €7.50  or mixed grill at €9.50. A 63cl Keo costs €2.25

A little further afield, in Xylofagou, you will find a quaint little establishment, with an abundance of trip advisor five-star reviews, popularly known as the “Green Door”. Look at my picture and you will understand why. It is a long-established family restaurant. “Over forty years”, I think the owner said. I’d gone with two friends. We had different items from the menu. Our bill came to €33 including drinks, for the three of us.

Green Door  / Taverna to Koutouki tou Afxenti- Xylofagou

In Pernera itself, the Mojito Bar and Grill is locally famed for inexpensive  and good value meals, but the most striking meal offer I have come across lately is the one from Cove Bar in Kapparis (down the road that is opposite Faliros). They are promoting an “All you can Eat” BBQ every Saturday for €5 and bottle beers at €2. Now that’s value for money! “Must try this for myself before sending in my article,” I thought. I did. I’ve got to say that’s got to be the best €5 value of any meal in the area that I have come across so far! They have €5 specials during the week too. I like the relaxed, unpretentious, atmosphere and I like their special beer bottle coolers like wine coolers but for keeping your beer ice cold).

"Eat all you can Saturday BBQ" at the Cove Bar - Kapparis

I am sure there are many more such worthy establishments in our area and please feel free to let me know about them through Messenger for Cyprus Alive. Incidentally, the Kama Lifestyle which featured recently, as my choice for best Sunday Carvery, also qualifies for mention in this article as 12 euros covers the cost of a Sunday Carvery plus a beer. So here is my summary of suggestions of where to dine out for 12 euros or less in the Protaras area.:

  • Traditional Cyprus Tavern, Protaras
  • Zafeiros, Pernera
  • Sacramento, Ayia Napa
  • Nameless, Protaras
  • The Green Door, Xylofagou
  • Mojito Bar and Grill, Pernera
  • Cove Bar Kapparis
  • Kama Lifesyle, Pernera
Are Protaras Restaurants Expensive?

For my recommendations for absolute tops in quality for different categories of food read on.