AZUL by Kesh
Tuesday 10/10/2023

AZUL by Kesh

The new, fresh and captivating nightlife experience in Limassol!

Α new chapter in Limassol's nightlife with electronic music vibes inspired by world rhythms! 

AZUL by Kesh is a terrace bar and music venue, drawing inspiration from the vibrant colours and sensory delights of Morocco. Ιt is the place where visitors can live the Moroccan roots and experience an otherworldly atmosphere. Flavours inspired by ancient cultures such as rose water, cinnamon and kumquat are combined to create unique cocktails.

AZUL by Kesh οne of the best rooftop bars and music venues, with exquisite energy, unique decorations, fantastic cocktails, shisha and tasteful music has opened in Limassol town centre (Limassol Agora).

Music, decorations and the friendly atmosphere are the ones that win you over and end up giving you a festive feeling, making you relax, enjoy the moment with a spectacular selections of cocktails, beers, wines and many drinks to choose from.

Check out the unique menu they offer

Τhe best choice to someone who’s all about living in the moment, excitement and letting lose is the perfect place for a night out for drinks and cocktails with friends and family.

More Information: 

Monday-Tuesday: Closed 
Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday: 18:00-01:00 
Friday and Saturday: 18:00-02:00

Telephone: 25899545 / 99125512