Back to nature

Back to nature

Natural treatment for the skin

A relative of mine was suffering from a skin rash. That made me search for the proper cure in the market that would help him get over it or reduce the problem.  I asked several people for the right solution since he couldn’t use any medicine because he had some health problems.So I discovered the soap which is made of hemp oil.  It is a Cyprus product and it is the only handmade biological soup made of hem oil that it can reduce or disappear all the skin problems such as acne, allergies, rushes, psoriasis, athlete’s foot, or various skin rushes.  After he has used the hemp oil for only one day, we realized that it is not a fairy tale but reality.

We have visited a factory that made the hemp oil and other biological products but we were impressed by the biological handmade soap.  Some examples of biological soap is soap made of aloe Vera, chamomile soap, lavender soap, soap made of donkey’s milk and some more.  We wanted to find out the way that a piece of soap is made and we were so excited after we have learned the whole procedure.  We thought that is was something simple but there is a lifelong procedure for someone to make a natural piece of soap. This kind of soap is 100% biological which is produced by water which was filtered before.  It is based on an old Indian Apatsi recipe.  It is handmade.  Moreover, the natural handmade piece of soap is left to “calm down” for 48 hours in a dark room.  Later it is cut in pieces and it is located in a special room where there is plenty of ventilation and low humidity.  You have to keep it there for 6-8 weeks.  When it is already grown, the soap gains the curative benefits.  This company is the only one which produces pieces of soap without animal’s ingredients.  It doesn’t use animals for testing, no toxic fumes during the procedure and it doesn’t use any carcinogenic substances.

We must understand that we will all experience both the horrific and the sublime in life.  We must all turn to nature and we must respect the environment. This is the only way for us to be healthy.

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Back to nature

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