Beautiful sandstone caves

Beautiful sandstone caves the village of Mammari

The village of Mammari formerly known for sandstone - "poyropetra". The village operated quarries known as "ellinospilioi" or "caves".
Many of the houses of the Nicosia District, churches and steeples were built with stone of Mammari and Gerolakkos. Part of the Church of St. George as the steeple is built with sandstone - "poyropetra" from Mammari.

From the 1920 until 1970 the Boynaros quarry, located west of the village produced stone, has declared and NATURA has been included in "Nature 2000" for the bats.

Our island, our beautiful Cyprus, hides many treasures.

Much of the islands natural beauty and history has been forgotten.

You will love our impressive island even more, when you begin to explore Cyprus.