Bicycle road in Cyprus?

Bicycle road in Cyprus?

Of course we have! - 2 of them in Larnaka and 3 in Limassol

As a bicycle lover, I started this group of articles to share my passion, the spaces we can use our bicycle, how we can get there, how to solve various problems and many more parameters of our mutual passion who's called cycling! We started with cycling paths, in groups of five.

Necessary note: Bus lines are mentioned indicatively. Bikes in public transports of Cyprus are not allowed, unless they are foldable.

Larnaka's Medieval Castle
That pedestrian and cycling path is literally on the wave and into the history, between the sea and the Castle and connects Athenon Avenue's path, with Tasou Metsopoulou street, on the beach side. Near by are passing 9 bus lines (413, 425, 427, 429, Larnaca - Ayia Napa - Paralimni, Paralimni - Ayia Napa - Larnaka - Pafos, Larnaka - Pafos, Larnaca - Limassol), it has a length of 130 meters and you can see it here on the map.

Tasou Metsopoulou Avenue (Piyale Pasha)
The famous "ice cream shops' street" of Larnaca, who connects Larnaca's International Airport, Athenon Avenue and Castle with Mckenzie beach, it has a total length of 3.5 kilometers, no bus route are passing by. You will find it here to the map.

Limassol's Coastal Street
Across the coastal street, you can feel the whole Limassol's groove, the city's history and ancient Amathus, the tourism and entertainment places, eating, drinking and dancing accomondations, Limassol's development and massive buildings constucted the last years and many more. In the total 13.8 kilometers of the street, 17 bus routes are passing (12, 13, 20, 25, 30, 30, 30A, 31, 80, 90, 90A, 95, 95A, CITY CENTER'S, Nicosia - Limassol, Larnaca - Limassol, Larnaca - Pafos) and you can see it here on the map.

Garelli's Linear Park Limassol 
The western pedestrian and cycling path of Limassol which combines natural environment and ubran space, makes cycling delightfull, in a length of 3.8 kilometers approx. You can find it here on the map.

Vathkia's Linear Park, Mesa Geitonia
The eastern pedestrian and cycling path of Limassol which combines natural environment and urban space, makes cycling delightful, in a distance of 3.2 kilometers approx. You can see it here on the map.