Bicycle road in Nicosia?

Bicycle road in Nicosia?

Of course we have! - Strovolos

As a cycling lover, I start this group of articles to share my passion with you, the spaces where we can use our bike, how we can get there, how to solve any problems and many more parameters of ouf common passion who's called cycling. We had start with cycling paths, in groups of five.

Necessary note: Bus routes are mentioned indicatively. Bicycles in public transports of Cyprus are not allowed, unless they are foldable.

Spyrou Kyprianou Avenue - Andrea Zaimi street

Pedestrian and cycling path, siding road of Strovolou Avenue, in a way of thinking, 1.7 kilometers long, who's driving you to Spyrou Kyprianou Avenue, near to Metro roundabout. Nearly are passing four bus lines (110, 115, 157, 211) and you can see it here on the map.

Ayiou Yiennadiou street, Archangelos
Pedestrian streets complex, along the street, in a total length of 2.5 kilometers, near to Pedieos' Linear Park, whom around 5 bus lines are passing (100, 115, 127, 211, 214) and it is here on the map.

Kostake Ombashe street, Archangelos
Pedestrian streets complex, near to Pedieos Linear Park, another park and a school, gets served by a bus route (115) and we see it here on the map.

Ellinon street, Archangelos
Pedestrian and cycling path 75 meters long, near to Pedieos Linear Park, who's near to a bus route (115) and you can find it here to the map.

Patriarchou Gregoriou VI street, Strovolos
Pedestrian and cycling path of 140 meters total length, near to a park, main motorways and many other facilities, gets covered by four bus routes (110, 112, 119, 157) and it is here on the map.