Celebration of "pasteli"

Celebration of "pasteli"

...a unique festival with a nice demonstration

Like every year since 1988, the mother of the feast of carob-honey and "pasteli" will sweeten us this year with healthy candy delicacies! Of course we are talking about Anoyira village and its traditional local customs. The way the inhabitans prepare genuine handmade products are unique. The festival is famous all over the world that's why every year is visited by many tourists and locals.

Pasteli is a Cypriot product that is made with carob honey and sesame. 

At the festival you can see the process and display manufacturing of pasteli from carob. Try "siereppeti" which is the juice of carob. To see the impressive process of pasteli drawing made up on a wood, in which the black color then becomes blonde and you can taste it the same time. You will be thrilled by this whole process!

So Saturday,10 of September the village celebrates Pasteli Festival, at "community court Anogyra" and invites you to have fun and to enjoy free products such as pasteli, cookies and more local products. They will sing for us Kyriakou Pelagia, the Vasiliki Hatziadamou and Michael Hadjimichael famous local singers.

Entrance 12 euros and 8 children which includes food, pasteli, a box cookies, anari with carob, and more.