Climate change

Climate change

Life without water

Global warming does not affect the same everywhere. However, water scarcity in some areas can actually affect the entire planet if it leads to general instability and new waves of migrants.

"Climate change is affecting rainfall. Thus, even a change in the usual way of rainfall has an impact on the farmer who planted the crops. The farmer depends on the rainfall. Water is a fundamental human right. If people do not have water, they will move to places where there is water. If people do not have enough food, then they will move to places where there is food. Internal instability is created. Regional instability is also created. So it's serious. It is really serious ", stressed Dr. Sadat Atili, former Minister of Water of the Palestinian Authority.

But if we consider that there is political will, do you think that there is a solution?

"There should be a Green Fund, and funding should be given to developing countries to deal with the effects of climate change. Adaptation, mitigation and all other issues. We need to encourage water storage. We need to improve the governance of agricultural irrigation systems. In addition, we must reform all sectors, we must reform the water sector to reduce losses and maintain every drop of water in our area, "said Dr. Atili. Source: