Coronavirus vaccine
Tuesday 17/03/2020

Coronavirus vaccine

Might be ready for human tests

In the next short time, the new vaccine for the coronavirus may be tested, say scientists at Imperial College of London, after tests performed on mice with very encouraging results. The vaccine is currently in trial and has very impressive results. "We look forward to clinical trials by the summer if we receive sufficient funding for the next phase," said Dr. Robin Shattock, member of The infectious Diseases Department at the university of Imperial College of London.There is a kind of Bra de fer about who will be the first to have the exclusivity of the new formula of the new vaccine.

There is a recruiting of healthy citizens who will put themselves at the risk of a clinical trial of a new vaccine for the new COVID-19 coronavirus to determine its safety and immune system response, while NOVAVAX, a US biotech company, stresses that if the funding is available soon, it will be able to launch its own tests by the end of spring.

"It's a global effort," said Dr Shattock of Imperial College London. "We are not in a race against each other in a race, but in a race against the coronavirus."