Cypriot Souvlaki

Cypriot Souvlaki

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Cyprus Souvlaki.

Souvlaki is a very tasty, healthy and quite filling food, very popular among Cypriots and tourists. Souvlaki in pitta bread with salad and yogurt is a complete meal easy to prepare at home and quite cheap to buy it ready made.

Traditionally souvlaki is made with small pieces of pork meat (preferably neck), cut into 3cm cubes skewered and cooked on a charcoal bbq for approximately half an hour. Just add some salt before cooking.

It is usually served with village salad, tzatziki or yogurt, fried potatoes and pitta bread.

Of course there are variations of souvlaki.

It can be marinated in olive oil with salt, pepper, oregano and some garlic or onions and then cooked as above.

Another way is to skewer slices of vegetables (such as onions, colored peppers, mushrooms, eggplant etc) in between with the pieces of meat.

Kali orexi!!!!....