Dog Friendly Beaches in Cyprus

Dog Friendly Beaches in Cyprus

Appropriate and inappropriate beaches.


It is not for nothing that a dog is known as “man’s best friend”. Those of us who have one don’t usually like being separated from him on our summer holidays or even on day excursions.

Unfortunately dogs are banned on most public beaches, in part because some people have allergic reactions to animals, in part because they run up to strangers who sometimes get annoyed by them.

As a solution some beaches have been designated special “dog beaches”, smaller in size, where owners can better control their dogs. Below, as well as photos, I have included maps so that you can easily find these special beaches. 

You can also see a nice video of the dog-friendly beach at Pissouri by clicking  (here).

Here are all the dog-friendly beaches listed by the Cyprus Tourism Office in accordance with the seashore protection regulations.

I comment on my personal experiences of them:

1. Steratzia Beach, located within the boundaries of the Community Council of Kato Pyrgos within the District of Nicosia. This is not indicated on a map and you need to ask a local from the vicinity how to get there. It has an easy approach.

2. The Kasianes Beach near Spyros Beach  south of Larnaka airport, within the municipal limits of Larnaka, It is a very good beach for dogs AND it is sandy.

3. The beach northwest of Pafos airport, in the estuary Ezousa, within the limits of the Pafos’ Community Council of Acheleia. This is a small, safe beach, but with pebbles. It is great for dogs, not so easy for their human owners.

4. The beach at Pitili  east of the Platania estuary, within the limits of the Community Council of Neo Chorio in Pafos. I advise against this one. It is very stony and rocky and the sea there is considered rather dangerous. Even access is difficult. One to miss!

5. The beach Prolimnos located west of Pissouri, within the limits of the Community Council of Pissouri, Limassol Municipality. This area has a lovely view. However, it is full of pebbles and there are so many rocks and stones in the sea that you can’t swim there at all. The water is very deep and there are usually large waves. I consider this beach to be quite dangerous for swimming. The road is hard to find. It is shortly before a major turn when you reach the beach. Access only with suv cars since the road is a dirt track full of potholes. The most beautiful part is to the left of the beach when you pass through a narrow path between high cliffs and find other beaches. But  CAUTION! Access is difficult!

6. By decision of the Municipality of Paralimni, the beach "Gliki nero B" is available for dogs. It is a very small sandy beach with stones in the sea and is next to the buffer zone.

The Cyprus Tourism Office asks that when you go to these special   beaches you are attentive to matters of hygiene, cleanliness and respect for the environment.

Do be aware that if your dog is found swimming off a public beach, not specially designated, you are liable to be fined €85.