Emotional poison

Emotional poison

"Toxic" people

"Toxic" people exist among us, certainly these people should not exist in our lives. The bottom line is that you can recognise them directly. There are people whose contact with you pays you psychologically.

Toxic people are people who, through their behaviour, tend to be dissatisfied, and frustrated by their behaviour, causing others to cause emotional damage to those in their lives. Toxic people see your progress for their own reasons as an obstacle. This is because they believe that your progress exposes their own inability to fight to change their own lives.

Their most basic features are:

  • Handling: The tendency to deceive another, to use him to achieve a personal goal without caring about the other. Also, they do not control their lives, but they tend to control yours.
  • Criticism: These people are very critical of their behaviour but with a negative sign. With the first wrong move that his / her friend, his / her partner will make, they criticise him / her and make him / her feel very bad. They criticise them in every possible way instead of standing by him and helping him, they make him feel bad.
  • Irresponsibility: Nobody cares about them. Their logic is that you are to blame for everything, that you are causing something bad and they are not taking any responsibility for any of their own behaviour.
  • Lack of apology: They do not acknowledge their mistakes or justify anything they have done that has hurt or underestimated you.
  • Fragility: They do not have the courage but the audacity to impose themselves on the lives of others.
  • Dramatization: Their behaviour is excessive, dramatic.
  • They are always "right": They want to be always right even when they are not. They rarely admit their mistakes. They easily resort to lying. I do not mean small and innocent lies but the excessive lies that make you distrust them.

The love affair with a toxic person becomes addictive, as the boundaries are easily lost. In relationships, every interaction ends with feeling empty, frustrated and sad. No matter how emotionally invested you are in this relationship, you feel empty, sad and that you have never given enough.