A tribute to one of the most historic jewellery stores in Larnaka

A tribute to one of the most historic jewellery stores in Larnaka

Find the jewellery that expresses your personality

There is certainly nothing more beautiful than giving or receiving a piece of jewellery as a gift at any time of the year.

With a history spanning more than five decades, The Golden Key Jewellers is an elegant store in the heart of Larnaka that captivates the eye by presenting its own unique look for jewellery.

Collections with designers from all over the world but also with their own creations.

The Golden Key's own creations take centre stage, while there is no shortage of important suggestions from various designers from around the world.

Their own jewellery collections are characterised by a pioneering technique of cutting precious and semi-precious stones. Necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants surprise with their unexpected design and, of course, with the brilliance and colours of each stone.

Equally special are the rest of the collections from various designers, selected with inspiration by The Golden Key's experienced team.

They can create the right piece of jewellery according to your personality.

At their jewellery design and creation workshop, guided by their talent, knowledge and passion, they can create unique jewellery that represents each woman individually.

They dedicate time for material selection, design, creation and every budget. The Golden Key's expert team ensures that each piece reflects the uniqueness of each individual.

At their workshop they can also repair jewellery, sometimes within the same day.

A visit to the store and a conversation with the owners will show you that everything we have written above is not an exaggeration it is facts. 

(24655628) Filou Zannetou, 28, 6022, Larnaka
Facebook: The Golden Key Jewellery
Instagram: @thegoldenkeyjewellery
Website: www.goldenkey.com.cy