Have you lost a bag of gold in a Swiss train?

Have you lost a bag of gold in a Swiss train?

Well, they are looking for you!

Most of us forget keys, phones, and wallets on public transport and it is unlikely that we have forgotten a bag full of gold. 

We all know how rich the State of Switzerland is. However, it is impossible to imagine that a train passenger in Switzerland has left a bag filled with gold. The bag weighed 3kg and its owner has forgotten it on the train since October on the route between St Gallen and Lucerne. Its value is estimated at 170 thousand euros. 

Authorities are looking for him, so they have made the matter public because their efforts have been fruitless. The owner can claim it within the next five years from the prosecutor's office in Lucerne. 

Of course, it is not known how they will verify the owner's details because we are sure that many will try to claim them.

 Source: bbc.com