Famagusta Motorcycle Club

Famagusta Motorcycle Club

at the new sports facilities for the motorcycle race track Limni in Paralimni!

The motocross races of the Cyprus Motorcycle Federation will be held for the 2017-18 racing season from the Famagusta province. The first meeting will take place on 24/09/2017 at the new sports facilities for the motorcycle race in Limni in Paralimni.

The big names of the Cyprus Motocross will be there dynamically and will collect the first major points of the championship that will give them impetus and strength to follow and claim the nine championships matches.

Information of Place Status:

The new track has been built and approved by the KO. Motorcycle a few months ago. It is 1750 meters long and 8 meters wide. It has 6 large jumps mainly tables from 25 to 35 meters long. Also uphill skip jump and 3 jumping skis. It also has 15m and 8m open, protruding and bends.

The track will be automatically sprinkled to provide motorcycles and riders with grip for better and faster driving.

The stand has recently been completed and has space for 300 seats, which has a 100% view of the field so that the spectators do not miss the riders' duels on the track.

The categories that take part in the announcement of the Cyprus Motorcycle Federation are MX1, MX2, MX3, MX3OVER, MX4, MX85, MX65 and MXVET.

Coordinates of Limni Motocross: 35.0453326, 33.9674709

Famagusta Motorcycle Club

Time: 10:00 am -15:00 pm


Famagusta Motorcycle Club

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