Giannis Kyriakou releases a Djent/Metalcore Single

Giannis Kyriakou releases a Djent/Metalcore Single

A Meaningful and Emotional Metal Song!

Giannis Kyriakou is a 21 year old Cypriot that studied guitar in Manchester. He is very talented and wrote an amazing song!

The meaning of the song:

It is an emotional song and it is for people who are facing hard times in their life.

For people who feel emptiness, people who are struggling to get out of their bad situation and for the people who face failure after failure but shouldn’t lose hope.

This song gives hope to those who suffer. Hope to get over whatever they are going through, giving them courage and asks them to keep fighting, and to not surrender!

‘’Through the clouds and through the rainfall

You can see the given hope

But remember don't surrender

It is worth what you're waiting for’’

Beside of a meaningful song, this song is a great song to listen to!

Listen to the song:

‘’Something new is about to begin

And something old is about now to close’’

So do not surrender, keep fighting!