How to repair a water damaged phone

How to repair a water damaged phone

Did you drop water on your phone by accident? Don't worry it has happened to everybody. One of the wedding on methods that everybody knows is to use some rice. Just make sure you act fast because the longer the water remains on your phone, the greater is the damage.

What most users don't know is that rice cannot absorb effectively water so that you dry off your device. Actually, putting our cell phone into rice is a useless procedure.

 So what is the best way to dry a soaked cell phone?

  1. At first switch off your phone so that you prevent moisture from entering the circuits.
  2. Use the towel to dry your phone
  3. Remove all your circuits such as the SIM card even battery if it is removable
  4. Put your device in the back with a zip
  5. Fill the bag with silicone gel balls (that we can find in shoes boxes ) and close the bag. The gel balls absorb more moisture than rice.
  6. Wait for 3 days and then open the bag. After that procedure you can open your bag and take your phone out. Reassemble all parts.

Of course, no method can save your cell phone for sure. And this is because drying your cellphone circuits may cause corrosion and irreversible damage to your phone in general. But you have nothing to lose if you try to follow our instructions. You can save your phone and all your data before it stops working.