Super Foods

Super Foods

For Super Humans

Superfoods are foods that have a high concentration of nutrients such as vitamins, good fatty acids, minerals, trace elements, antioxidants, etc. The Mediterranean and countries such as Greece and Cyprus are rich in such foods-superfoods that have nothing to envy from imported. Of course, some are better known than others such as: Chios mastic, dictamos, olive oil, carob, mountain tea, raisins, capers, Kozani saffron, are just some of them.

Olive oil
Each variety of olive oil has its own distinct chemical profile. It is known that olive oil has antioxidant and anticancer properties and protects the heart. Research has shown that the corona variety has a higher concentration of anti-inflammatory substances compared to other varieties. Also, the substance oleocanthal, which has a strong anti-inflammatory effect, is found in large quantities in this particular variety.

Also known as "the cocoa of the ancient Greeks", it was also used as a unit of measurement for the weight of gold, due to the constant weight of the carob seeds. The carat, which is the unit of measurement of gold, got its name from the ancient Greek name of the carob which was "keration". It is a rich source of calcium as it contains twice the amount of milk, while it does not contain oxalic acid, which prevents the assimilation of calcium by the body. It contributes to the prevention of osteoporosis, while it is also suitable for those with gluten intolerance. It contains pectin and lignin, two substances that help digestion and good bowel function. It also helps to reduce the levels of total cholesterol as well as bad (LDL) cholesterol while carob honey has a soothing effect against cough

Krokos Kozani
Kozani saffron, or saffron, stands out for its beneficial benefits, its antioxidant and anti-depressant effects. In addition, it is a natural anti-inflammatory and helps digestion.

It is a bomb of antioxidant components and is a rich source of calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium and zinc, while it has few calories. Capers can also relieve pain and protect the liver, while it appears to strengthen the immune system, stimulate blood circulation and stimulate the body's respiratory function. Quercetin is one of the elements contained in capers and has anti-allergic, anti-microbial, anti-hypertensive, analgesic, anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties together!

Chios Mastic
The beneficial properties of mastic have been known since ancient times. They are rich in antioxidants and polyphenols that can reduce glucose and cholesterol.

Thyme honey
It has antimicrobial, anticancer properties and contains a large percentage of antioxidants, the darker it is, the more powerful an antioxidant it is. It is also considered an ally in the treatment of skin diseases.

The endemic plant of Crete dictamo is a medicinal plant and has strong antiseptic and tonic effects. It is also diuretic, while it helps and relieves coughs, gastrointestinal problems and inflammations.

Mountain Tea
Mountain tea has significant antimicrobial and antioxidant activity, protects against osteoporosis and is thought to alleviate the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease.

Pomegranate is a rich source of vitamin C as it covers 40% of the amount of an adult's daily needs. Rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber, it has a strong antioxidant effect, greater than that of red wine and green tea.

Corinthian raisin
It has great nutritional value and its consumption helps to treat anemia, reduces blood pressure and fluid retention. It is a good source of iron, potassium and selenium, while it contains vitamins A and B. It has anti-cancer properties and helps to reduce hypertension and sugar.

Aegina pistachio
Rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, valuable trace elements such as copper and manganese, B vitamins, minerals, antioxidants Reduce cholesterol and help maintain the cardiovascular system. They reduce triglycerides and improve blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Dogwood (Cornus)
They contain more antioxidants than any other fruit and thus protect against all degenerative diseases. They are also an excellent source of vitamin C and potassium.