Hygiene rules in the time of Coronavirus

Hygiene rules in the time of Coronavirus

How to protect yourself

For all of us, everyday life has changed violently from one moment to the next, making it even more difficult than it already was. But our goal is to protect our health as best as we can, especially in the winter when viruses are on the rise, without changing our lives, and we can achieve this by following simple hygiene rules in the coronavirus season.

So it is necessary to wash our hands thoroughly, to use frequently of antiseptic solution and the use of a mask where it is required, especially in crowded places, as long as it is air permeable and oxygen is easily taken.

Also, strengthening the immune system is important in protecting us from all viruses. So, we can maintain our immune system strong through proper nutrition and vitamins. Especially the use of vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc, through food (fruits and vegetables), but also in the form of dietary supplements.

The mental health and quality sleep also play an important role, so get a good night's sleep and relieve stress by doing things you love, such as listening to music.

So be patient and everything will be fine.
Until then, stay healthy!