Interview with Anna

Interview with Anna

The manager of Diamonds Show Bar

Cyprus Alive has spoken to the manager of Diamonds Show Bar, Mrs. Anna. Read the interview below and learn more about this wonderful and unique Bar in Protaras.

1. Mrs. Anna, when was Diamonds Show Bar established?
We have been operating June 2023.

2. Where is the bar located?
You can find us at 342 Cavo Greko Avenue in Protaras.

3. What does your bar offer? 
At Diamonds Show Bar we offer fantastic Drag Shows 7 Nights a week! We have tribute bands, comedy, live vocalists and a large variety of alcoholic drinks!
Our team is exclusive to Diamonds Show Bar and they have come from the UK just to perform for us for the summer season. They put on a very good show and also involve the crowed for a bit of fun! 

4. What makes Diamonds Show Bar stand out from other bars?  
Our bar is the only venue with nightly CABRET in Protaras and has fantastic entertainment every night of the week. Our shows are 100% Free of charge, everyone is welcome to come and watch for free, the only thing you pay for is your drinks and our prices are vey reasonable. 
We have many deals on drinks as well as flash sales. The environment is suitable for everyone, it is clean and safe as well as Family and LGBTQ+ Friendly. 

5. What goals do you have for Diamonds Show Bar? 
We want to continue to offer a good time for everyone enjoying their holidays and give them the best experience. 
One of our goals for the future is to start offering food and we are now looking into doing this. 

Thank you very much, Mrs. Anna, and we wish you the best. We are sure that people will be very pleased with your services and amazing shows!