Iro Armefti

Iro Armefti

an artist with multidimensional action ...

Iro Armefti born at Kato Zodia in 1953 and her parents moved to Limassol when she was one year old. She married with an educational Neophytos Armefti and with him acquired two children. Now she is a happy grandmother with five grandchildren.

Her passion for art, made her in 2000 to attend painting lessons, which helped her to develop the knowledge about colors, perspective, light, form, the shadow and all the necessary elements for a successful painting composition.

She made four individual exhibitions, which have had great success and took part in many group exhibitions. Her paintings are in private collections in Cyprus and abroad.

Many times when people ask her why she paints, she replies that she loves to paint and pleasantly pass her time!

Creation helps her to discover new worlds and make her feel beautiful.

Iro is the initiator of a large facebook group, with 5666 members, "ART WITHOUT BORDERS" which created on 24.1.2014.

She is president of the Pancyprian Association of Artists, "ART WITHOUT BORDERS". During her, presidency of association, the team made six exhibitions, two in Nicosia, two in Limassol and two in Greece. In all exhibitions, which have had great success, attended by artists from Cyprus and from different European countries.

At Summer 2016 Iro, in collaboration with Andreas Makarios, President of Pegasus Arts Foundation and "ART WITHOUT BORDERS", performed with great success " ALL COLORS ART FESTIVAL 2016". Also, on her own initiative, performed the "we paint together" for the first time, to be held on September 4, 2016.





Iro Armefti

Iro is the initiator of a large facebook group, with 5666 members, "ART WITHOUT BORDERS"