Italian Lifestyle

Italian Lifestyle

Comes to Cyprus

While intensely proud of our culinary traditions, we are also a Cosmopolitan lot here in Cyprus and love to expand our horizons with the specialities of our neighbours.

From Italy we have widely adopted the pasta habit. You will often see characters on popular Greek TV series announce that they will prepare a “Macaronada” – a spaghetti dish.

Greece and Cyprus tend to focus on a dish called “Pastichio”, made with a kind of wide bore spaghetti. Layers of the large  pasta are interleaved with layers of mince meat in tomato sauce and topped off with a “Bechamel” sauce before being popped in the oven. As well as very large pasta, we also use the very small Orzo Pasta (Krithari) with which we make “Giouvetsi”.

From the Italians we learned about “Pasta Primavera” (shown in our header pic) and “Spaghetti Bolognese” and “Lasagna” - not to mention a whole host of other ways of preparing pasta. Then there are those sauces they make like Pesto sauces from Basil.

As well as our Cyprus coffee, we love their frothy cappuccinos and those expresso shots and the dried biscuits they eat with their coffee. Good Proseccos are another great draw, providing great value in Sparkling Wine.

Italian Lifestyle Ltd in cooperation with BG Vision Ltd is launching a special range of high quality Italian food products that they will make available in Cyprus, both for Italians living on our lovely island who may want a taste of home, and for our International Epicureans!

Italian Lifestyle

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