Kato Drys Village

Kato Drys Village

The village with the mansions

Did you know that Saint Neophytos was not from Pafos even though the monastery dedicated to the Saint is located in the province of Pafos?
Do you know what beautiful village the Saint comes from?
Let me help you...It is located between three cities and borders with Lefkara and Vavla.
Of course, I am referring to the village of Kato Drys.

Where to find the village...
Kato Drys is located in the Larnaka district built at an altitude of 520 meters above sea level, the village is built around the hill and when you look at it from the opposite mountains it looks like a painter's painting a postcard describing how many beauties are hidden in the villages of our Cyprus.

It is said that the village took its name from the many oak (Drys) threes that existed in the area and a second version says that it was not only one village but two, Pano and Kato Drys, and they were separated by a huge oak tree.

What there is to see in the village
In Kato Drys, as well as in Lefkara, you can see handmade embroidery, entering the village you see on the walls mosaics that testify that the inhabitants of this village were engaged in embroidery, you also see mosaics with the occupations of the villagers and beautiful coloured mosaics with the patron saints of the village, Agios Neophytos and Agios Charalambos.

You will be impressed by the houses that are some large two-storey mansions, taken from other times, they are restored and rented by the day. A great place to spend days of carelessness and rest. But you will love the tranquillity, the harmony and the serenity that prevail in this beautiful village that in combination with the fresh air and the smells from the fireplaces put you directly in the climate of the days. Many windows and doors are still in their old form, coloured with the shades of purple and blue making you think you are travelling in a children's fairy tale.

In the village there are two main churches. One is dedicated to the patron saint of the village Agios Charalambos. You see it standing imposing and adorning the village with its beauty.

The other church is of Panagia Eleousa building of 16 century and was restored by the Department of Antiquities.

In the village there are also chapels of Agios Neophytos, Timios Prodromos and Agios Georgios.

In the village passes the river of Agios Minas and gives life to the farmers of the villagers, you can drink a coffee in the cafe of the Square and enjoy traditional Cypriot pastries from the bakery of the neighbourhood.

You can also take a walk to the winery of the area and enjoy a glass of wine, and if you are a beekeeping lover, visit The Bee and embroidery Museum.

If you are just lovers of exploration like us and if the road leads you to Lefkara do not hesitate to take the road that leads to Kato Drys and you will be compensated with the above.

Some photos and videos from our Sunday excursion