Laneia Village

Laneia Village

The traditional culture

We visited the mountains today and the road led us to the beautiful amphitheatrically built village of Lania.

Lania is a village in the Limassol district and it is only 25 kilometres from the city. It borders the village Trimiklini, Agios Mamas in the West with Sylikou and Doros.

There are three versions of how the village got its name but I do not know exactly the prevailing one.

The first version says that it took its name from the many oaks that exist in abundance in the areas hence Oak→ Laneia (commonly Oak).

In the second version we learned that the village probably took its name from the bird Lanios to the female of Laneia.

It is known that in ancient times there were many pagans in the village and since the village has been inhabited since the Bronze Age and it is said that it took its name from the daughter of the god Dionysous Laneia.

What to see in the village
Entering the village you will pass over the bridge and the river, when we went we ran gurgling cool water, there we made a stop for rest and took our photos as the scenery was extremely enchanting absolutely autumnal.

Across the bridge we climbed the stone steps and found ourselves under the Pines in a park full of toys next to the village court. There we took panoramic shots of the village which you can see in the video we will upload at the end of the article.

The village is small and you can make your walk a trek, so you will enjoy the architecture of the houses the fresh air and the smells of the wines as you will see many vineyards around the village as Laneia is one of the wine villages of Cyprus.

In the village there are several museums such as the Commandaria storage museum, a wine press, an old Olive Press and the classic Cypriot mansion of the Lanitis family, a family of benefactors for the Cypriot economy.

Many foreigners live in the village today, where they shaped their houses into paintings, marvels of sculpture that are perfectly in harmony with the village without offending the tradition and architecture of the old times.

We were also impressed by old photographs of villagers in moments of their lives such as skarparis at work, family photos, the old bus being in the form of posters that adorn the walls of the village making the village look like a living museum of photography.

You will also notice that there are many fountains in the streets of the village that testify that Laneia is blessed to have water all year long quenching the Earth and passers-by.

In the village there are 4 churches. The first one is dedicated to the ascension of the Lord and is located in the centre of the village, there are many chapels in the area two are dedicated to Panagia Valana one old and one recently built in the excursion area of the village between the green forest the pine trees and the incredible view of the neighbouring mountains. Other chapels are dedicated to Saint Marina and Saint George.

Get a taste of the village in the video and photos below and we wish Laneia to be your next destination if you are on the road to Troodos.