Join a group!Limassol-carnival-parade-2018-february-18th

Join a group!Limassol-carnival-parade-2018-february-18th

Join a group!

On Sunday, February 18, 2018, the great Carnival Parade will be held in Limassol! Among the 111 colorful teams and their fancy costumes, we have suggest below some of them that we liked most!

A pretty original chariot is definitely the title "Let's Like the Chakras Mice". The costumes will be in 3 colors: red, blue and gray. Skirts with long sleeves for girls and full length for the boys. Uniforms for men will be long-haired. There will be a DJ on the chariot.
Information: 99107591

Banaki manaki!

This chariot will get you into a summer mood. Take your bucket and run!

For information: 99805295

Sonic The Hedgehog, if you love video games this is your team! Be informed that part of the proceeds from the participants in the Carnival group will be given to the Oncology Department of the General Hospital of Limassol for the purchase of equipment.

For information: 96871943, 99128590
Swords and armor

Ancient Greece in Limassol! If you like a season with swords and shields, the uniforms will excite you!

You can choose between three female uniforms and one male.
Phone: 96401545

We will see you in the parade !!