Limnatis: The village of almond trees

Limnatis: The village of almond trees

12th Blossom Almond Tree Festival: 5th of March

Spring sniffed and Cyprus dressed in pink filling streets and gardens with blossom almond trees.

So if you are spring, flower and especially almond tree lovers, then a trip to Limnatis village is the perfect choice.

The village Limnatis in the Limassol district is characterized as the village of almond trees since it has the most almond trees all over Cyprus.  Every spring the vilage is like a fairytale place as the almond trees with the pink petals inundate the streets and the yards of the villagers.  

Limnatis village organizes the 12th Blossom Almond Tree Festival.

The festival attracts the interest of many Cypriots and also of many tourists coming to the village with full buses. The festival takes place in the stadium of the village with live music, plenty of food and a variety of original almond sweets honoring and highlighting this special nut of the village.

A dreamy place so full of almond trees waiting for you!