The Weather in Cyprus

The Weather in Cyprus

Fall in love with the unlimited sunshine!

The climate in Cyprus is one of the best in the world no matter what time of the year you visit the island. It's no accident that Aphrodite, Goddess of love, was born here. Situated within the northeastern basin of the Mediterranean Sea at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa. It's only a fitting that the island enjoys abundant sunshine, even during the winter months.

Cyprus is one of the fewest places on earth with exceptional sunshine almost every day of the year. With an average of six hours of sunshine per day all year around, it's no wonder Cypriots are warm and welcoming to total strangers......sunshine is part of our DNA! 

Spend a little time under the island’s sunshine and just like will feel the magic penetrating your soul as well as your skin!

Below are the average temperatures you should expect to find at any time of the year in Cyprus.

 Μonths  (°C) Celcius  (°F) Fahrenheit  Our Comments
 January  16 - 18°C    60.8 - 64.4 °F      Cold shoots through your bones as the snow starts to fall.
 February   16 - 18°C  60.8 - 64.4 °F  Dress warm and keep an umbrella handy.
 March  19 - 20°C  66.2 - 68 °F  Time to ski along the beautiful mountanous slopes.
 April  21 -23°C  69.8 - 73.4 °F  Nature awakens with vengeance.
 May  24 - 27°C  75.2 - 80.6 °F  The aromatic month of blossoms.
 June  30 - 31°C  86 - 87.8 °F  Summer is now in full swing.
 July  32 - 33°C  89.6 - 91.4 °F  Welcome the heat....remember to drink abundant amounts of water.
 August  33 - 35°C  91.4 - 95 °F  No better place to cool of as the beach.
 September  29 - 31°C  84.2 - 87.8 °F  A warm welcome to that cool refreshing breeze.
 October  28 - 29°C  82.4 - 84.2 °F  Quieter holidays during the finest of temperatures.
 November  23 - 24°C  73.4 - 75.2 °F  A small sense of the winter season is in the air.
 December  17 - 19°C  62.6 - 66.2 °F  Chilly.....but always sunny.

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